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Though an election was lost, much remains. America is still a country built by immigrants. It is still a bastion of hope and opportunity for many. And it still has an independent judiciary that prevents Trump from acting contrary to the Constitution. All people inside the United States have constitutional rights, including immigrants. DMCA will tirelessly work to ensure that our clients exercise their constitutional rights to the fullest extent of law.

We hoped that America would choose a candidate that supported immigrant rights and immigration reforms that valued family unity, protected the refugee, and that restored integrity to a broken system. Instead, America elected the most unfit person to ever run for president: Donald Trump. President-elect Trump’s immigration plans value hateful rhetoric over facts, feckless walls over bridges, and stoking fears over breeding courage. Together we will respond.

First, America is and remains a country of laws. Most immigration benefits are provided by Acts of Congress and none of those were changed by Trump’s election. DMCA has been helping its clients and their families obtain immigration benefits for nearly 40 years. If you were waiting to immigrate a family member or a valued employee, do not let Trump scare you away. Rather, use his election as a motivation to act.

Second, be prepared for a fight. DMCA is an award winning litigation law firm with clients throughout the country. We are prepared to defend our client’s rights in immigration courts, federal courts, and state courts. If the Trump administration overreaches, we will defend you.

Third, naturalize and vote! Trump’s election did not alter our naturalization laws. If you qualify to naturalize, then you should file to do so. One of the greatest gifts of citizenship is the power of the vote. By naturalizing before the next election, you will be able to cast a vote against Trump and in favor of just immigration laws. Not everyone qualifies for naturalization. Please call us to determine if you qualify. Do not put this off any longer.

Be people of hope. The only consistency about Trump is that he is inconsistent. It is possible that his actions will not match his words.

We will continue to advocate for immigration reform in every possible forum. One man, even the President, does not decide our future.

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