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Since 1976, DMCA has protected the rights of the people in our communities, both immigrant and citizen alike. We are dedicated to preserving the rights of our clients at any and every stage of a criminal accusation, from investigation through appeal. Our attorneys are dedicated to defending our clients and are never afraid to fight for them in court.

The criminal justice system can be a frightening and difficult world to navigate. Do not go through this journey alone; let our experienced attorneys guide you through the complex labyrinth of the court system. Our team will explain in detail each phase of your case, keeping you informed about the important details and legal issues you face. We will walk with you step by step throughout your case, advising of the benefits and risks of every decision so you can be confident in the choices you make. These matters have the ability to affect the lives not just of our clients, but of their love ones as well. That is why it is important to us that we offer the best defense possible, so that our clients have the ability to enjoy their lives free from the harsh consequences that a criminal accusation can inflict.

Our criminal defense team has represented countless people facing charges from DWI to Murder. We have a proven track record of achieving favorable results for our clients. Through our hard work we have been able to protect many people from conviction and sentence, and most importantly for our non-citizen clients, the deportation that could from suffering such a criminal conviction. Our work has allowed our clients to not only put the past behind them, but to look forward to the future of achieving residency and citizenship.

From the Panhandle to the Valley, from the West Texas mountains to the East Texas Piney Woods, we fight for the rights of our clients in courthouses throughout the state. No case is too small, no county too far, if you or a loved one need help, DMCA is ready to stand between you and the unrelenting force of the criminal legal system. Call us today.


Notable Results:

  • Successfully negotiated a dismissal of felony Possession of a Controlled Substance in exchange for a plea to misdemeanor DWI.
  • Negotiated dismissal of felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and Unlawful carrying of Weapon in exchange for a plea to misdemeanor Reckless Driving.
  • Writ of Habeas Corpus was granted by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, allowing the client to return to the U.S. after being deported.
  • Writ of Habeas Corpus granted by District Court allowing the client to return to the U.S. after being deported.
  • Sexual Assault of a Minor—Dismissed
  • Assault Family Violence—Dismissed
  • Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon—Dismissed
  • Arson—Dismissed
  • Intoxication Manslaughter—Client received probation from Jury at trial

  • Full-service immigration law firm
  • Decades of combined experience
Satisfied Clients

Varios abogados de inmigración nos habían rechazado. El Sr. Demott me dió la posibilidad y la esperanza de mover hacia adelante.

Antonio Martinez

No hay palabras que puedan expresar lo agradecido que estoy y doy las gracias por haber escogido a DMCA para manejar mi caso de Naturalización.

A. Sediq – En Espanol

There are no words can express my feelings and how thankful and grateful I am for choosing DMCA to handle my Naturalization case.

Ahmed Sediq
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