Registration for H1Bs Announced FY2021

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Registration for H1Bs Announced FY2021

USCIS announced today that it has completed testing for the registration process for the next H-1B lottery. Employers who wish to file for an H1B cap subject petition for FY2021 will need to first electronically register and pay $10 registration fee. The registration process will require basic information about the employer and each beneficiary.

Step 1 :Employers select applicants. Employers interested in sponsoring H1B for individuals they intend to hire, will need to first electronically register the individuals with USCIS from March 1st through March 20th. The registration process is not currently open. The announced dates are subject to change by USCIS.

Step 2: Registration of H1B Applicants. During the designated registration process employers must electronically register the individuals with their company information. We anticipate that employers will be able to edit, delete and modify the candidate details until the registration period closes

Step 3 : H1B Lottery Process. USCIS will conduct computer generated random selection (aka Lottery) to select regular quota filing registrants, then the masters quota are separated and lottery is run to select the US masters quota filing registrants.

Step 4: Notify Selected Registrants. USCIS will provide electronic notification to the selected registrants’ employer/sponsors to file H1B petitions within 90 days. Unselected registrations should be kept on reserve to do another selected as needed.

Step 5: File H1B Petitions with USCIS. Employers will need to file H1B petition using the standard process like before using LCA, Fees and all the information supporting the H1B job offer for the selected registrant. Selection after the registration process does not guarantee approval of the H1B petition.

Step 6: USCIS Processing. USCIS will adjudicate the petition as per their standard process and inform employers regarding their petition.

There are still several details missing regarding the registration process. However, USCIS has indicated that it will provide additional guidance as the date approaches. We will also be keeping apprised of any news and posting it on this blog. If you are interested in applying for an H1B visa this fiscal year, it is not too soon to schedule a consultation with one of our competent attorneys. Call us at 1-866-69-1844 or email at

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